About Kido International

We are owned and operated by a group of parents from all over the world. Our founders were unhappy with the quality of the early childhood education available in their cities, so they got together to build a truly 21st century program.

We now have schools around the globe, which bring together the world's best early years practices to deliver the finest preschool experience for children and parents alike.

Our Pedagogical Leadership

Our curriculum is developed in-house and supported by a world-renowned panel of advisors. Our pedagogical leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience in the early years of teaching, research and pedagogy across more than ten countries and in multiple languages.

pedagogical leaders
The Late Dr. Robert Swartz, Advisor
pedagogical leaders
Dr. Yuuko Tonkovich, Advisor
pedagogical leaders
Fruzsina Benyei, Curriculum & Training, Asia
pedagogical leaders
Emma Phillips, Curriculum & Operations, UK
pedagogical leaders
Tez Razzaq, Curriculum & Training, UK
pedagogical leaders
Anjali Motiani, Curriculum & Training, India

Our Global Network

Our international network of schools in the USA, UK, India and China ensures that we bring best practices in operations, training, curriculum and care to each school.

Our Curriculum

We tailor our offering to each local community that we serve. Depending on the location, we offer programs for children from six weeks to six years, rooted in our curriculum.

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