Kido Chiswick Nursery & Preschool

Greater London, United Kingdom

Age range
3 Months to 5 Years
English, French & Spanish
Opening hours
7:30 am - 6:30 pm
Outdoor play
Large Garden

Welcome to Kido Chiswick, London

There's plenty of room to play at Chiswick. Our preschool features huge indoor and outdoor play areas, expansive learning spaces and lots of natural light. We're the officially affiliated preschool for Chiswick Park, and the heart of the development is a one-minute walk from the center. Kido Chiswick is also just a two-minute walk from a nearby nature trail. This means children can enjoy hiking through the nature reserve.

What Ofsted Says

"Staff have warm, nurturing relationships with children. They value them highly as individuals and get to know them well. Staff use their knowledge of children's likes and dislikes to provide activities that children enjoy and support their well-being. Children gain good independence skills. Staff work well with parents and keep them regularly informed of children's progress in a variety of effective ways."


It has been a wonderful experience. At the beginning my wife and daughter were a bit anxious because they had never been separated (for almost 2 years). Both of them received a lot of support from the staff. Now my daughter loves to go to the nursery she is learning a lot, she eats by herself and enjoys a lot of different activities every day.

Camilo R, Kido Chiswick

Super helpful and caring staff! From the first moments, I always felt at ease and knew my son was staying with a team that are more than good professionals - they are personable, loving, friendly and genuinely interested in the wellbeing of all children at this nursery. Thank you Kido Chiswick staff!

Carolina S, Kido Chiswick

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Kido International Nursery & Preschool in Chiswick

Unit A & B, Edmunds House, Colonial Drive, Chiswick,W4 5HA,
Phone : +44 020 8053 0841
email : [email protected]