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How to Manage Morning Sickness in the Workplace

If you are one of the lucky moms-to-be you may feel unwell in the evening, but for most, morning sickness is scheduled for the morning.  Working during early pregnancy can be difficult. You're tired, you're sore, and you're not feeling very well.

Here are 8 suggestions for ways to manage morning sickness at work - 

  1. Find snacks that work for you
    Sometimes a little nibble or snack that is agreeable can help take the edge off nausea.  Try out dry crackers or pretzels, a high-carb snack may help.  Avoid spicy and greasy foods.  Have some nutritious soup to keep you hydrated and well-nourished at the same time.  There may be a brand of snack bars you enjoy.  Keep them stashed in your drawer for times you may just need something small to get you through the wave of nausea.
  2. Get plenty of rest after work
    It is very important to feel well-rested and let your body recover from your work schedule. A well-rested body is more able to cope with the stress of not feeling 100% at work.  Give yourself regular breaks at work and move away from your desk if you can during the day.
  3. Keep away from the office kitchen at peak lunch hours
    You may find at this stage of your pregnancy your sense of smell is heightened and strong smells can set you off on a path of nausea.  Stay away from places where offensive smells may trigger your nausea.
  4. Keep a toothbrush and toothpaste or mouthwash in your desk/bag
    Having something to keep your mouth fresh is an advantage over the waves of nausea or when the worst happens, and you throw up in the bathroom.  Sometimes strong mints of some gum may just help at the time you feel your worst.
  5. Keep a box of popsicles or fresh fruit juice in the fridge
    Having something cool and refreshing is a welcomed change during the day. Eating a fresh fruit popsicle can help enormously as being hydrated is important.
  6. Share the news if you're ready
    Letting your boss know when you are comfortable with sharing the news can help with balancing your work and your early pregnancy struggles.  You may be able to adjust your work schedule or work from home for a while.  Making your status known could help you through the first few months of pregnancy.
  7. Pack a pregnancy survival Kit
    Feeling nauseous at the office is terrible and worse still is finding yourself in the bathroom vomiting.  Have an emergency kit with some simple toiletries, a change of clothing and something to soothe yourself with.  If you find yourself in the bathroom and struggling to cope at least you have clean clothes and something to freshen up with.  If anyone else is in there at the time they'll speculate you may be pregnant. It might be reassuring to have someone on your side before you have to announce your news to everyone.
  8. This too shall pass
    Take comfort in the knowledge that morning sickness for most pregnant women passes after the first trimester.  However, if there is no letting up of your struggles consult your doctor.  Pregnancy is a process.  Keep in touch with the medical support you need, and this will be comforting.
  9. Knowledge is Power
    Reassure yourself of the wonderful things happening inside your body.  When there is a purpose behind your discomfort, and a goal to reach in the end, you may find the whole morning sickness phase not so bad after all.