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Here are 12 tips for parents on choosing a preschool summer camp for their children

  1. Look into the camp's facilities and make sure they are safe, clean, and well-maintained.
  2. Research the camp's staff and make sure they are properly trained and have experience working with children.
  3. Check out the camp's daily schedule and activities to make sure they align with your child's interests and needs.
  4. Consider the camper-to-counsellor ratio and whether it is suitable for your child's age and needs.
  5. Look into the camp's policies on discipline and behaviour management to ensure they align with your parenting style.
  6. Research the camp's philosophy and mission to make sure it aligns with your own values and beliefs.
  7. Inquire about meals and food options and make sure they are healthy and appropriate for your child's dietary needs and preferences.
  8. Ask about the camp's policies on communication and whether parents can stay in touch with their children during the day.
  9. Look into the camp's policies on safety and emergency procedures, and make sure they are thorough and well-organized.
  10. Ask about the camp's policies on medical care and accommodations for children with special needs.
  11.  Visit the camp and speak with the director and staff if possible, this will give you a good sense of the overall atmosphere and how the camp operates.

By considering these points and doing research, you will be able to find a preschool summer camp that is safe, fun, and educational for your child. Additionally, you can check with references and online reviews if they are available to give you more insight of the camp's environment.

(At Kido Schools, we provide summer and winter camps for kids to enjoy during the holidays.)