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Having a child is Life changing. 10 ways having a child turns your life around

Oprah Winfrey said:

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” (Or father). 

The time and effort that is dedicated to having a child is the life-changing part of the process of parenting.  Life gets busy and you are bound to feel the changes going on around you.  Here are some of those life-changing events you can expect.

1. Time and how you use it will take on new meaning.  

Time is no longer about you and what you would like to do.  There are many things to factor into the twenty-four hours you have in your day.  Your schedule will change, making time to go out will change. Bedtimes and playtimes, feeding times and recreation ties will all take on new meaning as you factor in a child.  It is not all doom and gloom!  No there will be fun times, family times and times of great pride, but there will be new meaning to all those times.

2. Planning and organising your day is an important factor.  

You will need to change your routine and priorities to fit in with the new person in your life.  Getting a routine organised is a very helpful part of your parenting journey.  Learn to be flexible, but always try to be organised.

3. Your sleep patterns will change for a while. 

 A new baby may wake you in the night as you establish night feeds and a sleep routine.  Be prepared for some interrupted sleep.  Make use of maternity leave, eager grandparents and the support of your partner if you can while you are managing your new sleep patterns.

4. You will see the world through different eyes, the eyes of a parent. 

 Your senses will be alerted to danger.  You may feel more cautious and full of responsibility, but at the same time, you will be filled with wonder at the little details seen through the eyes of a child.  You will appreciate the wonder of nature and the joy of family times.

5. Entertainment will need readjusting.  

Your new baby will keep you amused as they reach their different milestones.  Babies grow to be toddlers, preschoolers and go to primary school too.  Each step of the way, there is different forms of entertainment. You are there to watch them grow, play sport, take part in different activities and all the while you are enjoying this new form of entertainment.

6. Relationships with others will change.  

You are a parent.  This responsibility changes your life with your partner and how you manage your home life.  Family, especially your parents, will have a different role to play.  Friends, work colleagues and neighbours will all have a new way of interacting with you.  

7. Safety and security will become more important.

It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure your child is well taken care of.  You will adjust with each phase and become alerted to different dangers as your child grows more confident.

8. Home economics will change. 

You may become more fussy about food and less conscientious about being neat and tidy.  Keeping up with a busy toddler may mean coming to some compromise here and there in your home environment while your child is little.

9. Decision-making is taken on a different level.  

Every decision is made with your family in mind.  Moving house, buying a car, going on holiday. Going to a new school and even the clothes you wear will take on new meaning.

10. Your heart will soften.

Your heart will melt at the slightest hint of a smile and you will feel an overwhelming sense of pride as your little one reaches their milestones growing up.  Laughter, tears and all the responsibility rolled into one is how the new child changes your life.  

Practical hint:

Appreciate the little things that mean a lot.  Keep a journal of the times you made special memories together.  One day you will look back on the moments you treasured and delight in the way your child changed your life.