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Affordable Screen-Free Activities to Keep your Child Occupied

7 Screen-Free Ideas for Children

  1. A family Games Evening
    Playing games as a family has a great impact on everyone. It is sociable and board games, for example, encourage counting, using money or cards, taking turns and many other skills.
  2. Scavenger or Treasure Hunt
    Treasure hunts can take place indoors or outdoors.  Make up some clues and have some treasure to hide and away your kids will go.  A scavenger hunt is a little different because you are required to find different objects and bring them back to the starting point of the hunt.  Both these games can be played in teams or pairs or singly.
  3. Baking and decorating biscuits
    Baking is a great deal of fun for children. Older children can bake the biscuits from scratch. Younger children enjoy decorating ready-made biscuits.  Buy a packet of plain biscuits, icing sugar, sprinkles and any other decorating items. Have fun decorating and serving the biscuits for tea.
  4. Put on a Magic Show or a Play
    Children love to entertain and spend time practising something to show their parents.  Have some dress-up clothes available or make-up for a drama show. 
  5. Pack up a picnic and take a friend along
    Here is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon out. Make packing the picnic part of the fun and let your child get everything ready.  Invite a friend to join in too.
  6. Play musical games
    Play musical games like musical statues, pass the parcel and musical bumps.
    Musical games are good fun to join in.  They encourage listening skills and gross motor exercises. The musical game is both entertaining and good for coordination.
  7. Look for free shows or exhibits in museums and libraries in your area
    Check your local museums and libraries for any free holiday educational shows.  There may be something on that will interest your children.  These events are sure to be well organised and of great educational benefit.

Practice makes perfect -  Even if you get some resistance from your children, don’t give up.  Getting away from screen time is healthy and rewarding.