Kido is proud to introduce global standards of operation to the corporate daycare industry in India. After running successful operations globally across the US, UK, Dubai, and Hong Kong for 10 years, the Kido team launched Kido-branded preschool and daycare centres in India in 2021. Of the 9 India centres run by Kido, two are corporate in-house centres, while two are near-site corporate centres.

Our latest corporate centre, Kido's Embassy Splendid Techzone centre in Chennai, spans an impressive 5000 sq ft, establishing us as a premium daycare brand committed to providing exceptional childcare and customer-centric services. We take pride in our unwavering emphasis on quality and customer focus, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for children. Safety standards are paramount, with natural resources used thoughtfully to promote an eco-friendly atmosphere.

Our success in delivering peace of mind to working parents and boosting employee productivity has garnered recognition from both parents and corporations. We focus on the vital role we play in supporting diverse workforces. Kido recognises the challenges dual-income households face, and our near-site centres enable employees to focus on their work, eliminating the need for last-minute nanny calls amid Indian traffic chaos.

As we expand our nationwide network, we invite corporate partners to join us in fostering a brighter future for young learners and their families, empowering companies to cultivate a diverse and productive workforce.

What sets up apart

What sets Kido apart is its commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of working parents. Extensive research has been undertaken to develop innovative solutions that support working families. Whether it's flexible scheduling, tailored childcare options, or creating a safe and nurturing environment, Kido is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the demands of today's busy professionals.

Quality Assurance and Curriculum

An internal quality audit, stringent privacy policy, and an evolving curriculum tailored to the child's needs contribute to Kido's excellence.

Effective Communication and Parent Engagement

Kido Preschool stands out due to its commitment to effective communication and transparent parent engagement. Parents receive weekly newsletters with photographs, E-journals, BOT-based assessments, and daily daycare updates, ensuring they are well informed about their child's progress.

Allergy Care and Safety Measures

Kido maintains a strict allergy care protocol, managing allergies with individual health care plans and enforcing a no-nuts policy to minimise risks. Incident and accident records are meticulously maintained, and routine health checks are conducted upon drop-off, with a focus on temperature, cold, cough, and existing injuries, all meticulously recorded. Parent consent is strictly followed for medicine administration and food offerings.

On-going risk assessments

Constant supervision and regular risk assessments create a secure and safe environment.

Ergonomically designed spaces

The school's child-friendly design incorporates wooden furniture, calming colours, natural materials, child-friendly display boards, and a minimal use of plastic.

International Engagement

It also fosters international engagement through Zoom clubs and offers worldwide access to webinars and best practices.

Efficient Parent Escalation and Inclusivity

An efficient parent escalation system, customised settling-in processes, and a commitment to inclusivity for special needs children and their families complete Kido's unique approach to preschool education.

Corporate Partnership Benefits

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Tailored Childcare Solutions

We work closely with our corporate partners to design tailored childcare solutions that align with your organisation's unique needs and employee demographics. We aim to create a family-friendly workplace that enhances work-life balance and employee satisfaction.

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Priority Enrollment

Corporate partners enjoy priority enrollment at any Kido centre in India and worldwide. Your employees can choose the most convenient location for their child's education and care needs.

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Employee Discounts

As a valued corporate partner, your employees gain access to exclusive discounts that translate into substantial savings. These discounts make top-tier childcare services more affordable and accessible for your team.

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Flexible Child Care Hours

We offer flexible daycare hours, including night shifts, to accommodate the dynamic schedules of corporate life. Your employees can access quality child care when they need it.

Interested in Bringing Kido's Exceptional Daycare Services to Your Organization?

Let's discuss how we can partner to support your team. Please contact Ms. Punam Jha at [email protected] or call +91 7709995516 to start the conversation.

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